Sleeping Beneath the Trees

by Max Hopkins

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Sleeping Beneath the Trees is the product of two years of recording songs that were written between 2012 and 2014. The overarching theme of the album pertains to the beauty and power of nature and how we interact both with, and within it. The lyrics delve into topics such as the abstract nature of time, our perceptions of humankind and the universe, the inseparability of positive and negative, and a tribute to personal role models and influences. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


released August 1, 2016

Guest Musicians (In order of appearance):
Jamison Humeny – Marimba (1)
Samuel Walker-Kierluk – Select piano parts (1/6), background vocals (4), stomps and claps (4/7)
Mark Rodgers – Cello (3)
Aaron Richardson – Background vocals (4/5), stomps and claps (4)
Dan Sequeira – Background vocals (4/5), stomps and claps (4)
Logan Amon – Electric guitar (6)
Alix Cooper – Trumpet (6)
Matt Rederberg – Drums (6)
Cory Fischer – stomps and claps (7)

Produced by Max Hopkins and Samuel Walker-Kierluk
Recorded by Samuel Walker-Kierluk, Cory Fischer, and Max Hopkins in Studio 1 at the University of Lethbridge
Arrangements by Max Hopkins and Samuel Walker-Kierluk
Edited by Max Hopkins, Samuel Walker-Kierluk, and Cory Fischer
Mixed by Samuel Walker-Kierluk
Album design by Ayden Broadhead and Max Hopkins
Mastered by Jesse Northey, except track 7 by Dave Horrocks of Infinite Wave Mastering

Thank You to:
My family and friends, the University of Lethbridge Music Department, Chris Morris, Thilo Schaller, Deanna Oye, David Shefsiek, Blaine Hendsbee, Samuel Walker-Kierluk, Cory Fischer, Jamison, Mark, Megan, Aaron, Dan, Logan, Alix, and Matt


all rights reserved



Max and the Minimums Lethbridge, Alberta

Intricacy and intimacy realized in versatile arrangements featuring thoughtful nature-driven lyrics and an affinity for engaging listeners through passionate delivery.

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Track Name: Love Will Find You
What a beautiful day to be alive
It’s times like these I don’t care
If the grass is really greener on the other side

‘Cause the ground may break and earth may quake
But it’s not enough for me to want to give up on this place

Standing here by the water side
I stare in awe as I look at
A visage been in the making from the beginning of time

‘Cause the colours fill my eyes and will
For as long as I believe that if you open up your heart that love will find you

Love will find you

For as long as I remember there’s been light
And as far as I can see it’s still in sight
And from what I know I’d say we’re still all right
But I know that if you open up you’ll find

Love will find you

At times my eyes deceive me
When I leave the state of mind that I am in
But as long as we’re still floating
‘Round this crazy galaxy we’re spinning
And the oceans know how very close
We’re made up in this gorgeous little planet

Love will find you
Track Name: Unmarked Sky
Far over the mountain high
Deep beneath the ocean’s tide
And long after the end of time
The pulse of life will still survive

But we’re a far cry from the end
And the world will keep on spinning

And so it goes when the void comes from within
Cast away into the great divide
And I may not live to see the day
With the love and understanding for a world we have decayed

But we’re a far cry from the end
And the world will keep on spinning
Though a time for us will come
It’s not over when we’re done

Oh, we won’t see the end
But we’ll be beginning somewhere in the end’s beginning breath
Track Name: The Be All End All
I take a breath of the cold, crisp air
As I step into the sun
An inhalation from the fibre of my being;
The kind that validates the soul

The untouched beauty stretches mile after mile
And echoes years still gone unknown
To unspoken understandings since forgotten
That are bigger than us all

So I know there must be something more
Staring up at the night sky

I do believe
We can’t imagine what goes on outside of our own minds
We fail to see
Our scope is only a fragment of the wander we can find

I take a breath of that cold, crisp mountain air
And can’t help but recall the times
We’ve claimed to see the truth about all that we are
But we are not the be all end all

We are not the be all end all
Track Name: A New Perspective
Without the footprints there’s no memory
Without the dirt there is no mark
Without the ground that we stand so tall on
We’re lost out in the dark

Without the evil there’s no good in life
Without the hope there is no chance
But with the love we share there’s bound to be stability
If we give humankind a chance

With every struggle comes perspective
With every storm there comes the calm
With every breath you take, you’re bound to be incredible
When you find strength in who you are

This life is complicated
We don’t get along
We all need some understanding
And to remember who we are

Sometimes perfection is achievable
Even angels have their flaws
But finding happiness despite all of the weakness
Shows just how strong you are

Without the sting there’s no experience
You have to fall before you rise
But situations hold no meaning
Until you see them with your own eyes

This life is complicated
We don’t get along
We all need some understanding
And to remember who we are

If we don’t have love for one another
We don’t have a lot
But I know if we start the healing
The whole world will tag along
Track Name: If I Am
With a selfless disposition
She floats on with the breeze
And overcomes most anything

With a brave heart
And a soft tongue
And the patience to live through anything

From the bright lights
And the big city
To the town where she started all again

He seeks a young-ness in his heart
Always laughs and reminisces
With a constant search for knowledge

With a big heart
And a thick jacket
He’s the man who will go do anything

If I am a better man today
Well I owe it all to them

Then there’s my brother:
He won’t take anybody’s shit
He comes at just the right time
And reminds me when I forget

That it’s my life
It won’t matter
What the other people want me to be

He would never
Let it touch him
But look past it and show them in the end
Track Name: Coming Up Roses
From the crown of the Crow's Nest to bountiful fields of gold,
Writing on rock where the stories of elders are told,
The star-speckled skies on the cold winter nights,
And the arch in the warm western sky,
Come one, come all - it is here we are nigh

Flora and fauna spring wild, majestic and free,
Windswept through hills gaining life from the late-Autumn breeze,
Ambulant life covers all that is seen,
Come one, come all - onto pastures of green

Come one, come all - under harvest moon sky,
Come one, come all - come from far and from high
Come for the fossils, the muskeg, the ice,
Come to seek solace beneath northern lights,
Come now - come and be part of the scene

Rivers, they run carving trails to ocean and bay,
While everything's coming up roses

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